There are two kinds of people in this world and I don’t know either of them. But as it happens in every parallel universe, there are certain sets of people who try to overcompensate for the things they don't have or happened to them.

To think about it, every once in a while every other bloke tries to make up for every other irrelevant things missing in their life by doing entirely different and sometimes excess of other things. Overcompensation.

Like, people crying rivers over a paper cut, shouting from their lungs when stuck in a line, pissing their pants being held on a gun point. I mean, now floor’s gotta be cleaned up, bedsheets gotta be washed up. That's so much work, yo!

Let's not forget about those people who lose arguments, shout a lot. Un loved people become promiscuous. Needy people become attention-mongers. Lonely ones tend to smile a lot. And ugly people watch pagli things in incognito mode.

Then there are the hungry ones who can't find the will and legs to get up and get something to gobble but instead they plop their carlsburgh can flat ass on the bed and start writing such eye opening and glorious posts. You read that right.

Now some real famous people have overcompensated enough for everyone and everything on this planet, including all the ninety nine lakh eighty eight thousand seven hundred and fifty four episodes of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Here are few of them:

Did you know the Joker was a failed facebook comedian and had this neurological disorder which made him laugh at inappropriate times in real life interactions? Yes, so this one time, he cut his lips sideways, he was at this emergency ward of a hospital and the doctor asked him, “What happened, did you get tomato sauce all over your face again?” and he was like, “haha haa “ and then doctor left it to be like that saying, “wolf is crying again, huh”. Now the joker got mad. He took a heavy dump and went on murdering people who didn't like his facebook posts. So irrelevant and over compensating for not getting enough likes. I mean, you strangle them, cough them, and tie them in your basement till they like your every fb posts. If you don't have a basement then you get one first. Just like I did. #JeeHaan.

This guy in his childhood was playing hide and seek with his future girlfriend and fell into a dark dingy well. There he found a whole bunch of evil bats who ganged up all around him and put photos of him in his undies all over the internet. This trauma remained with him forever and he thought everyone is ogling him anywhere he might go. One time he had a similar episode while watching a stupid bollywood movie with his parents. So they left the theatre and walked straight into Gurgaon and BAM! A big drunk jaat guy shot his parents and left him with only one choice: To become a masked vigilante with a heavy thick voice by eating a lot of gutka and tabacoo. Pretty sure all those batman t-shirts have the ruined teeth of Bruce you guys keep wearing.

Yes he was a creepy, evil kid and stuff, but he always thought he would be crowned as the class monitor in his class because his parents were both Purebloods. But he wasn't elected. Haw. So he went to school library and did some research and found out that his dad was actually a Muggle. Oh he was like so broken. “You let me down, dad. You like totally let me down”. Serious daddy issues. Then crying for fifty seven seconds, he was like, fuck this. He went on killing his dad and then his dad’s dad and every other muggle relative. He made Horcruxes to become immortal. Then he was like I am the ruler of this world and I will kill all Muggles. Personally speaking, I scream at my fishes in the aquarium and let them know who is the boss here. Playing God can be so fun at times.

He has had a good life under the hill. Until his uncle with that ring went nuts. None of us know what kind of things Bilbo was doing with that precious ring. Frodo must have caught him at the wrong moment and now with his eyes burning from that sight, he had to lift that one gram heavy ring all the way to Mordor and burn it. Oh the melodrama of Frodo during the whole trip. “I am carrying the weight of the world", "I keep seeing the eye". Nope that was just uncle frodo doing weird things. If I was Samwise Gimchee I would have left that sorrow ass on his own.

Just how I am going to leave you with this awe and wonder you just have read. Thank you. No need for claps and standing ovation, you guys. Paytm, google pay toh I accept.

PS: Graciously yours.