Dear four or five readers,

In the beginning there was only a single energy, just a point of light. That energy, of course, had some spark to it, some kind of hidden potential. It had the essence of quintessential details of every beautiful and rusty form that could ever occur in this universe. As it would have been expected, the energy began to explore and reach out, to discover what more it could become. So it began to rotate like a sparkling, swirling spiral of dancing diva. It’s said by the great maharishi Hakuna Matata that the energy couldn’t just contain itself. So it disintegrated into two halves leaving one half to pursue the other up to infinity. 

Let’s call one half as the Lord and the other half as the Lady. One had the strength of Mass while the other was strong in Matter. They both became each other’s compliment, each other’s ying-yang polarity, to become whole again only by uniting together with the invisible bond of love. And when they indeed fell in love with each other, they consummated it by making love. 

Lady moaned, her insides felt like lava. The crashing waves overpowered the sounds of this lovemaking. There was no world yet. It was just them. And they were floating in sensual turbulence. They collided just as the ocean pound the rocks today. 

This made swirls in that spiral dance of energy like ripples in a pond. These became the suns, the stars, the moons, and the planets. And thus the sea hammered the earth, and night lights twinkled at the distance. 

Finally they coupled, they kissed and life made a rotation. That first kiss was as delicate and soft as the petals of a beautiful rose. It was a kiss that asked questions that neither of them had answers for yet. It was there, the heaven and hell were created too. For the destiny had entirely different plan in its store!

The lady grew pregnant with love, with a new form of energy. Energy created by the force of their love. She gave birth to oodles of spirits raining bright down upon the world. Some took the form of the Lord; some took the form of the Lady. But the ratio of Matter and Mass were not equally distributed. And that’s how every person is different and yet same.

Now when they came of age, when they were full of bright light! They began searching for their counterpart, their soul mate, regardless of the sex they'd been born in. Then more life was created. So came the universe and so came forth life, out of love. The end? No! Now was the beginning. 

You see, I have kind of an empirical philosophy that shapes my outlook derived from experiments and observations rather than just simple plain theory. It involves my willingness to let life carry me along in its wake like a toad flowing under the current of a river. But often now and every then, I would contemplate these thoughts on this white paper just like this lazy Friday evening, tucked inside my quilt, to dream in this infinite mystery. Plus, I drink; I smoke and I take a lot of short naps.

But I am no Casanova or a love guru to lecture you over soul mates, and love, and all that truck load of shit which comes with it. To be very frank with you, I haven't exactly been successful in love. It's like I’ve got JavaScript installed in my soul and women are still programming with HTML-5. Every women I like, has either a boyfriend, or a husband, or a girlfriend, or you know, standards. They all like a guy like barfi; kind, funny and smart but none of them would take him home in the end. No. Never. Not. Full stop. 


But as dillogical by heart and stupid with calculations and facts, you gotta believe that the moment, you, as energy, were created in this world, something else was also born too. Your one exact reflection of your soul in this entire universe and beyond ‘who’ vibrates and oscillates at the same frequency of light that you do, do exist! This is really quite a liberating thought, if you think about it. Right? Huh! However, the story is a bit more twisted and “involved” rather than this much simplification of the explanation.

So back to the story; you take a form of life, and your only, begins a journey towards you too. It might be slow, but it never stops. Wherever, whatever way you go, it will follow – may be faster, may be slower, but always floating towards you. You will run, it will walk. You will rest, it will not. Yes, sometimes it happens that you meet them and recognize them instantly behind the eyes of each other. The eyes, as they say are "the windows of the soul." 

They also say and I quote: “Even their voices are familiar to each other's ears, like a remembered chord of music. These are two who immediately sense the unalterable fact that they have been--are--and must always be One; even though they might have fought against their fate for centuries and struggled in vain to escape their linked destiny.”

But one fine day, you will hang around in the same place too long - you will sit too still, too tired maybe or asleep too deep. And then, too late, you will wake up to go, and right there you will notice a second pair of feet next to yours. Your life will then take a new route.

As they say and I quote somewhat in my words, “When you will find your soul mate, it would be like that feeling you get after the first big snowfall of the year in December or November. It can be October too, by the way. Anyways, you will stroll outside to go sledding, skipping and you will go to the top of the steepest hill you can find, and there, you know, your heart will start racing and you will get all sweaty, even though all your boogers are frozen over, and... the next thing you know, you are smiling down in Ishq- Street, laughing and crying all at the same time, and you will never want it to end. And that's what real love will feel like.” 

So in short, no one should settle with anything less or anybody else. It would be terrible. But that’s not what happens. Reality whispers in the midst of the story under my ears, “Mind if I come in”. 

* sigh *

I guess, this is the idea that for everyone in the world, there is ONE soul mate ‘who’ is perfect for them. They say, “You don't have to look like your soul mate, act like them, be the same age as them; heck, you don't even have to like them at first, but from the moment you meet them, or arranged for you maybe, you'll never be completely happy without them. Everyone experiences it differently, because everyone is different, even your soul mate.” 

So the best way to describe it is a strong connection that feels almost like a gravitational pull. Every soul has its own gravitational pull. Don’t confuse a little attraction and infatuation with love. Lust and love are evil twins. Remember Hell and heaven! All these imaginary aspects are real on some ground. 

They again say and I again quote, “Some soul mates can sense when their other half is in danger or in pain, while others can communicate with each other telepathically. Once soul mates discover each other, they will never be completely happy without the other by their side. No matter how much distance they put between each other, they will always end up back together again by fate. Soul mates could be best friends, perfect strangers, or even mortal enemies; the Soul mate Principle does not discriminate.”

I don’t know who these “they” are but they seem to have got it all right. I haven’t got it right yet. So I keep on driving my car. I really should focus on the road. They say, “Writing while driving is illegal”.

Now I know you, you as in four or five regular readers of my blog posts which I write once in every century, yes you, might be whispering under your nose:

— “Does it get any easier?”
And I would quote someone again:
—“Oh, God, no. But... the human mind is a wonderful thing. It forgets pain, so you can go out and get some more.”

Seriously, who are these people who quote so much and write so much? I mean can you believe the amount of pure shit-stuffs people just keep on piling on their blog posts, words by word, and pages per page. I would never do that. I never lie. But never trust me. Seriously!

PS: By the way, the real reason behind this lengthy blog post was, what I am going to say now... amm which I am about to say any second now... ammmm vis a vis.... ammm the following ... 
Let me try again, I actually wanted to apologize every soul I have ever hurt along the way, intentionally or unintentionally. Sp with this thought, I will now give rest to my fingers and backbone because I will have to do a backbone surgery tomorrow for sure. Okay with at most respect from my heart and with utmost sincerity, I will say this one time only and that too only in one word:

“I’m sorry” 

Actually I am sorry again. Those were like three words camouflaged in two. You see the pattern. I should stop, comma, full stop.