Searching for the One

Kennedy once said: "Ask not where, when and with whom I will find love, ask instead where, when and with whom can I be love?"
LOVE! As soon as we hear this word, it tends to invoke the ideas of 'Romance', finding your 'soul mate', being with your 'lover', wedding bells, raising families and for some sadly it's the 'broken heart'.  It’s probably safe to say that most of us intuitively know that love is both a selfless intention and benevolent action towards another. Deep in our hearts we know it’s an unconditional act.  And yet, many find themselves worrying and even obsessing about, “When will I find/get ‘MY’ true love?  Why has no one shown up to love ME? Why don’t you love ME anymore?.”  Is this love talking or simply a selfish desire to be treasured and comforted by another.  
This search for love also indicates that we have probably missed the deepest meaning of love. To want, to desire, to crave to be loved is to forget love is not acquired, it is something that we are here to do.  How powerful is the societal myth that says love is a primary need of all humans beings?  It’s an idea that seeps into our soul and induces sorrow when our need is seemingly unfulfilled.  Little do we realize that freedom from all our sorrows, sufferings and sadness-es can only happen when we awaken to the truth about love - we don’t need to get it, we need to give it.
It’s only when ‘being’ is translated into ‘doing’, into action, free of the desire for something in return, that love can be fully known.  Paradoxically it is in such actions, such moments, that we naturally free ourselves from ‘the need’ to find and know love.  In such moments love needs no meaning, no definition, not even it’s own special poetry!  We are it! You are it!
Now I hear many of you saying under your nose: What then of mating?  What then of the grand search for our ‘soul mate’, for our one special love? It does seem that if you really want one you can have one!  Love is also the primary energy of creativity.  Sit down and profile what you want in another, the kind of person you would like to be with, and they will likely show up...eventually.  The law of attraction is as much about manifestation as it is attraction. And if you still feel there is only one special person meant just for you, they will also likely arrive...eventually!   While searching for the one, remember you are going to find, well, things that you would have never ever expected in your wildest dreams. But hey! at the end of the day, keep this in mind: if you continue walking, that special one, that other person is also walking towards you. Careful however, because if you are distracted in the moments when they do show up in front of you, then you may miss them!  And what distracts us? Our attachments and dependencies, our desires and our addictions! But anyways KEEP WALKING! 

P.S: Be careful, what you wish for. You might actually get it :)
P.P.S: Be careful what you wish for. It's going to suck when you don't get it. :D