Drunk in love

So back again on the rooftop. There are no clouds and no stars tonight. The sky tonight is clean like a road. But you are not alone. You are drinking vodka, laughing, and shouting crazy things with your friends. You are happy that your buddies are with you tonight. But what is this thing inside your heart that is tingling. You are on the 7th sky, singing romantic songs in falsetto. Your friends don’t know why you have suddenly come up with the idea to get drunk tonight. But there is a rush of emotions inside you that you are not capable of holding it anymore. You are finally over with your unrequited love, just to fall back in love with someone else again. Aaaa is it too soon to call it love? You don’t know what it is.

Whenever she is around, you feel immense happiness and an unknown tension, both at the same time, building up…Inside. You feel absolutely wonderful and fulfilling like you are overflowing with this joy and don’t know how to contain it anymore. As soon as you see her, there comes a smile on your face automatically. You can’t stop yourself smiling when you are around her. Every other person becomes blurring. You can’t help yourself to stop staring at her … to look at that sweet face … that sweet smile which can redefine the sweetness.

There is a sense of tension and joy which tickles you from inside and leaves you vulnerable…Outside. You want to get away from her because you don’t want to let her know what’s in your mind. But at the same time you don’t wanna go away. You want to listen to her beautiful and sweet voice. You want to observe her lips singing. You want to see them twist into a smile. Yes…a smile. You know you can watch that smile lingering on her face for eternity. And in those moments you wish if you could tell her that “When you smile … Sala Akkha life Mast Lagney Lagta Hai, time slow motion mein chalney lagta hai, hazaroon sher dimaag mein dhoom machaney lagtey hain.”. But … but you keep mum in front of her. You are too scared to lose her…even if you haven’t got her yet.

You are not sure if its love or just an infatuation. You don’t know what these feelings are. Do you really want to name these feelings? Feelings …. Feelings from anonymity to acquaintance to friendship to L…you blush when you start typing those words. You stop typing when you become aware of that tingle in your heart…yes a tingle does the job…your heart start pumping harder whenever someone mentions her name in front of you…your ears get raised up…you suddenly wake up from a dream.

Dreams… Aaah! J Dreams are the most fascinating and wonderful things in this world. In your dreams you have built up a vivid image of her in your mind.  You place her on a pedestal so high that you doubt even the angels would touch her (if they dared to reach high enough!!!). She… in your mind’s eye is perfect… yet so imperfect that she fit somehow perfectly with you.

Man! Are you in love? Or are you still drunk from last night? Aaaaan, I guess you are just DRUNK IN LOVE.

Teri Har Ada ke Kayal Hain Ham,
Teer Laga Pehli Nazar ….Aur Tab Sey Ghayal Hain Ham
- not mine