Love? What is it really?

So the day of red color is over now. It’s time to figure out whether we know what really love is? People, nowadays, don't know the meaning of love, don't understand what is unconditional love, don't care or don't know how to care other, forgotten the meaning of relationships. People want a relationship in their life, just for the sake of being committed and not feel being left alone or stand out. Some are too depressed to live a single life. There are even some people also who want a girl/boy in their life, just because they wish to say, "Yes, I have a girlfriend/boyfriend too".

This is so desperate and depressing. Why can’t people wait for their Mr. / Mrs. Right. Has this world become so fake and farce that people are ready to pretend that they are in love with somebody when in fact they don’t even care about them. Is this the part of evolution? I just worry sometimes that people will actually forget what it really is to be in love. What is that feeling where you wait for 1-2 hours just for someone to show-up. What is that feeling where you wake up with the cute good morning messages and reading them brings a joyous smile on your face. Don’t we want somebody who makes us chuckle through our nonsensical fits of anger and our crazy bouts of stupidity and silliness. Do we really want to live life with someone who doesn’t even know when we are happy and when we are sad. I think that being single is a hundred times better than being with a wrong person.

Now there are some people also who really wish to experience the magic, the beauty, the thrill of being in love. That feeling when you know that somebody out there is all yours. He/she is your day, your night, your everything.Now this is cool. But the problem they don't know is that when they fall in love with somebody and are in a relationship, they get caught in the web of emotional dependency – feeling high to see the love of their life, down in dumps when their love forgets to call back; day is made if their love pays a compliment, all is dark and dreary, if their  love doesn't living life from one phone call to another! I mean what is up with all these expectations. 

Now I am hearing some of you saying that Love without expectations exists only in poems and spirituality. In the real world, it's only a myth. And yes we expect love and expect in love. That gives life to the relationship and provides those beautiful moments (surprises and disappointments alike) that define us. But I think there must be a limit. Expectations like any other emotion should not exceed a certain limit or else they will gobble up the relation.

And last but not the least I just want to say that:
Yes we are human, and these things are a part and parcel of life. But there's a reason why the saintly preach. So stop banking on other humans for your well being – be it emotional or physical. Be patient and don’t be such a loser.

P.S: I am no expert on love and all and so I tried to cover this post with only the things which I have observed and which I think are definitely not love.