*woof woof*

Once upon a time there was a puppy. Little, caged and lonely, puppy often spent days and nights barking, howling, snarling and bellowing. Scared of that boundary wall .. of life ... of unknown.
One day came along a beautiful heart. it smiled and asked mischievously, 'wanna play?'
And then everything changed.
But the heart which lightened everyone else's was itself heavy. Perhaps in need of innocence and hope.
First it was awkward. But slowly they grew into each other. Days were now spent jumping, rolling, frolicking, dancing. And nights spent in atrocious waiting for the dawn, for the heart to come back.
Yet, they didn't know, if they were meant for each other. Only that, puppy was in complete awe of the pumping kennel.
So puppy tried every now and then to frisk away from the cage. But the cage echoed loud cries of emptiness. Puppy had to settle back and stay put. Puppy was afraid.
Then one fine morning, the cute little puppy asked the heart, 'can you take me away somewhere far?'
Heart started to bleed in happiness just like people shed tears of joy. That's what heart wanted after all.

From that day onward, the puppy is staying in the cardiac kennel.
It's small, but it's cozy. It stinks, but it's bright. It's quiet but it's lively. It beats hard, but it's rhythmic. It bleeds a lot because it feels everything, perhaps because that's how life in heart is happy.
And so is that cute little puppy too .... :)