Growing Up!

Growing up! I think growing-up has been the stupidest idea ever. Don’t you think? Now don’t get me confused with getting older. Because you can’t really help getting older. Its not an option. But growing up is. One day there you are with one hand dipped in the ice cream-cup and watching “Popeye-the Sailor Man” and the next day you are flipping through channels to find like, anything. That innocence and simplicity you had is gone! Whoosh! And with that your happiness takes the route to wonderland. I mean, I don’t wanna bum you out or something by saying out this aloud but I think a man’s happiness peaks at the age of four. Yup! We are all messed up now. Too much going on in our minds. With couple of footballs knocking up into a pair of breasts.... to .... worries and planning and all the troubles in the world. It’s a shitty-crappy-palace, our mind, I tell you.

So I liked it when I was a kid. I wish I was a little kid again... skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts. I remember, I used to come out of the bath and it used to be a great tussle for my mom to get me into the clothes. I used to run naked the whole house and the street with the towel tied to my neck like a superman or something. You can’t do that now! I mean, you can try. But man o man are you gonna get the looks in the market. And let’s not even speak about being tasered.

Yeah, it was fun being a kid. 

You know, just this other day, I was sitting in the back of our car with my little cousin. And he was all smiling and staring outside the window constantly for 15 minutes. There was nothing outside there, so I asked him, “hey there cubby, what ya thinking?” And he replied with a big smiley face, “Candy!”

Candy! Can you believe it? A kid is happy with just that thought. Tell me, when was the last time you thought about candy for 15 minutes? Huh! You can try but I promise, you won’t get far enough. Yeah let’s try it, shall we?

“Hmmm Candy … Candy …. Oh Cavity … Cavity? … Oh Doctor … No money …. Oh where am I …. Who am I ….. AM I GAY?”

And it always ends with that question. But then you see a hot girl coming across the street. You walk into a pole while staring at her and there you go. You are as straight as that pole.

Anyways, you know what else comes with growing up? Living-with-your-parents become your purgatory. Yup! Living with your parents is like Police work. It’s the long-long hours of boredom interrupted by moments of unbelievable horror in the form of yelling and screaming.

So pay heed to my unnecessarily lengthy blog post and DON'T grow-up. It’s a trap.