Shame story, Different Place: 'Mumbai Gang Rape'

If your knee-jerk reaction to “Mumbai-Gang-Rape” did not involve you violently thrusting your fist on the table, yelling "Bhencho!-Ye-Ho-Kya-Raha-Hai, Is-Desh-Mein!!", checking yourself for yelling like a crazy person and possibly waking up the neighbours in the middle of the night, dabbing your damp eyes, engaging in some quiet introspection, and then back to the violent fist-pumps, then you'd better have a chromosomal analysis done, because you clearly aren't human. If your reaction was, "Gang-rape? Where/When?", then I really, really need to be worrying about the readership base my blog attracts.
I’ve been thinking about this unfortunate incident for the whole day and after all the mind-scorching, teeth grinding and loud-out-swearing to those bastards, as a man, I felt really ashamed of my own species. May be, as Indians, we have brown skin because our society is so full of shit. We declare ourselves so proudly in front of the whole world, as the most traditional and cultured people in the face of the earth. But the facts, with the violent expressions, seem to be screaming otherwise. I think, we are the most hypocritical, condescending, obnoxious horse’s ass of people in the whole world. We Indians will walk long miles, make ourselves suffer to extreme conditions to get a glimpse of a stone idol, but will not ever lift a finger to help a victim of public sexual molestation. Somewhere a big fat irony must be laughing her ass-off and then looking down, with the disgusted stare, at us. 

Anyways, this isn't the first time that the land neath our feet seems to shake violently. It's yet another Gang rape leading to yet another intellectual masturbation on national TV. All talk and no action. Bark bark. No example is set so far even after that horrific Delhi gang rape.These rape cases, honor killings and adulation of rape-convicted Baba’s, seems rhetorical in our nation. Basically in India you can study hard, slog your ass in the office for long hours OR  you can be illiterate, become a baba and have followers who'll defend you even when you rape children. 

Dear God! Where the fuck is India heading? I don’t know! I think that the problem is not the lust of men. The problem is that this lust is considered BAD and looked down as if it’s the greatest sin a human being can commit and in this nonsensical  nonsense, what we don’t anticipate is that, at the end of this long frustrating day, eventually it comes out in the perverted destructive ways.

But before we point out our fingers to the culprits of these rape scandals, we must inquire ourselves that aren't we to be equally blame for their actions. We as a society prohibit or think of it as a heinous act if two people are having pre-marital sex. We belong to a society where swapping partners is a taboo. We belong to society where if you do love marriage outside your cast, you’ll be killed by your own relatives and on top of that it’s considered HONORABLE. 

Moreover, we belong to a society where a young teen, which is going through some hormonal changes, is trashed if he is caught watching porn. We belong to a society where the phallic stage or talking about the genital organs is considered as “ill behavior . So tell me, can you still play the blame game?

I am not trying to justify their actions or such. Nothing will ever justify their actions. But here, I am just merely trying to fathom the reasons behind such devilish actions. 

I am just a pessimist with views and questions. I cannot do anything else, except than to just point out some faulty points in our 'so-called-PERFECT' culture. So instead I scribble down shit online coz, you know, venting out frustration on my Laptop sounds a better idea than going out & murdering people like 'DEXTER'.

At the end, I just pray for the victims and their families: “May God provide them with the enough strength to move on.” And hope that someday this vicious world will be a better place to live………. PERHAPS someday!