Are you chivalrous?

Once, a man opened the door for a woman. She, being women's-libber kind of a person said rather aggressively, "Did you open the door for me because I'm a lady?" "NO," replied the man, "I opened the door because I am a gentleman.”

We are social beings and the little things we do for others or that others do for us - the thank yous, the pleases - its sweet, it need not to be looked at with suspicion & need not clash with our ‘I am independent' thinking. I for example am a chivalrous kind of guy. No I am not self-praising but I really do like to help others. In a bus I get up when I see an elderly man / woman or pregnant lady needing a seat. I think if I'm young, fit and healthy, I don't need to sit down - therefore I see no reason why I shouldn't offer my seat to someone who needs it more than me. 
One time (I was a kid, probably in 1st/2nd class) we were going to our home town (Himachal) by bus. We (my family) all got our seats but after a while bus got crowded and there was a lady standing with her baby. So my dad offered her his seat. I thought it was a gentlemanly thing and it made me respect him even more. 
But good manners are lost somewhere these days. Small courtesies are extinct. I guess, it's a part of evolution. But evolution should make things better than before, right? I have seen men sitting in a bus while some lady/ elderly man is standing. I mean how would it look if a man jumps into the elevator ahead of a woman? Or an elderly man is carrying heavy bags and a man can’t even open the doors. I can never do this. I don’t care if my friends see this as a cheap trick to impress a girl because this is who I am and this is what I like to do. 
I've opened the doors for girls, or waited for them to enter the lift first, or let them go ahead first into a room, or pulled the chair, or paid the bill on our first meeting. I’ve even carried a heavy shopping bag or stood like a china wall between her & an unruly crowd in a bus or train. I‘ve not done all these things only for the sake of good impression but I’ve come out feeling good about such experience. It feels nice to be a gentleman. 

So what I'm trying to say is that:
Chivalry is a simple courtesy. And it’d work both ways: if somebody holds the door open for you say a ‘thank you’ in return. Chivalry & good manners should be in BOTH the genders. Wish the concept was not limited to the things men do for women but extended to include things that people do for ‘others’.


P.S: Actually I got the idea about this topic from my roomie Jasneet. We were out for dinner at a restaurant. I was carrying a bag and he kept the door open for me. It felt nice to be respected. I said thank you and we shared a smile. J So I guess chivalry can be practiced in the same gender also.
P.P.S: Just remember… be courteous ... and courtesy will follow you everywhere.